Wild Reindeer areas in Norway

In this application you can study spatial data on wild reindeer habitat use. We present these data in concert with other data from databases in the Directorate for Nature management. This application also present other relevant data on land use and resource allocation from other institutions. The data sets are not complete, but new data are continuously fed into the application.

The map application contains:

  • Wild reindeer habitat use data on local scale
  • Boundaries for administrative purposes
  • Areas without major infrastructure development
  • Vegetation classes
  • Municipal plans
  • Buildings
  • Footpath and trails
  • Local names on geographical objects
  • Official toponyms
  • Topographic maps
It may take some time to download large maplayers like municipal plans etc. Some data will not be available on mapscales smaller than 1:100.000.


Denne kartløsningen er bygd på gammel teknologi og fungerer derfor ikke optimalt i alle nettlesere. Miljødirektoratet jobber nå med å utvikle nye kartløsninger. De nye løsningene er bygd på en ny og framtidsrettet teknisk plattform og målet er at alle de nye løsningene skal være satt i drift i løpet av 2013. Vi anbefaler at du prøver naturbase.no dersom denne løsningen ikke fungerer optimalt.

You can also download themes from The Directorate for Nature Management in Norway on vector-format and save on your computer for your own use.

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